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Love Potions

Love Potions

Creating a potion or ceremony around the manifestation of love has been lost somewhat over time.

But as Valentines approaches and our notion of love is celebrated, why not resurrect some of these lost traditions,

some are even as simple as the ceremony of making a pot of herbal tea.

Not all potions or aphrodisiacs need to be stimulating they can be 

subtle, fun and energetic. 

Heres a few that make my heart sing using a few of my favourite herbs;
Rose has long been associated with love and passion, symbolising fertility. 
Its aromatic and heart opening allowing for acceptance and self love.
Use our blend of Rose, Cardamon and Tulsi in an our Heartfelt infusion, as 
this blend releases tension that can often cause irritation and quarrels. 
Tulsi balances, lifting the spirit and banishing the blues.
Rose gently stimulates, its aromatic and sensual and Cardamon warming and relaxing.
Drink during the day or after a particularly stressful one to relieve pressure and shift the energy.
To attract the love of your life try this, it wont appeal to everyone but its fun and looks beautiful!
Make a necklace of bright red rose hips by using a needle threading through top to bottom, preferably using red thread and wear it with pride.
In Celtic tradition to cleanse a relationship Lavender would be carefully chosen whilst asking Mother Earth and the harmonising spirit of Lavender 
for help with any disharmony within the relationship.
This lavender was then buried in the earth or thrown onto fire.
Lavender is a good herb to go to when there needs to be more calm and truth about a relationship. 
Rosemary symbolises loyalty and fidelity and was once sewn into the hem of a bridal dress or entwined within the bouquet 
It is traditionally known as a herb of memory, strength and vigour and is one of the organic herbs in our Brain drops.
Yarrow is long associated with magic, another herb ruled by Venus and derived from the greek word hieros meaning sacred, it was once believed that
wearing a sprig of Yarrow or popping it in a pocket would relieve negative energy 
and sleeping with Yarrow under the pillow would allow for lucid dreaming and the extension of our perceptions.
Yarrow is a beautifully clearing herb and one of the ingredients in our Colds & Flu infusion.
Ashwagandha is known as a sexual restorative and aphrodisiac and its Sanskrit name translated means ’the smell of a horse’ which most definitely relates to its strength and vigour.
Theres so many reasons for a lowered libido but the most common
are hormonal imbalance, impaired immunity and stress. 
Ashwagandha acts as a Rasayana or adaptogen that helps to support these imbalances.
Traditionally a powder of Ashwaganda was added to warm milk and as this herb is bitter, lots of raw honey.
This could be a wonderful new nighttime tradition especially as it helps relieve insomnia too.


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