Try A Herbal Sun Brew ..

Try A Herbal Sun Brew ..

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A sun brew is prepared using dried or fresh herbs ..or you can even both mix fresh and dried together!

Simply add your herbs of choice to a glass jar or tea pot, generally filling your vessel half with fresh herb and less than this if dried, and then fill to the top with cold filtered water or spring water. Seal this with a lid to stop any bugs getting in there, and then pop this into the suns rays to brew.

Brewing can be for a few hours or for a whole day, experiment and see what works for you. This allows the herbs to gently infuse soaking up the sun's energy.

As your infusion is water based there is no preservative so keep in the fridge after infusing. Your sun brew can last for up to 48 hours after brewing.

A Summer Sun Brew Recipe:

  • Fresh Calendula: a brightening and uplifting herb.The flower of the sun. works wonders where theres stagnation supporting detoxification. Helping with inflammatory digestive disorders, and assists in rebalancing the hormonal system (avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding) 
  • Fresh Rose: raises the spirits and cheers the heart with its aphrodisiac properties, its also an anti- inflammatory and liver protector.
  • Lemon balm: an excellent carminative herb for the digestion, especially beneficial where digestion is causing any anxiety or depression, Balm also has a tonic effect on the heart. 

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