Wilder Friends - Cali Rand

Wilder Friends - Cali Rand

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Introducing Cali Rand an all round beauty that I met many moons ago within the fashion industry. Her journey has been an interesting one culminating in Cali's garden design company creating beautiful spaces.. sanctuaries for her clients to relax, and rebalance in. Here's her journey so far. Enjoy! 

Please can you tell us a little about the farm you grew up on in Cambridge? Did you enjoy gardening there as a child or was it more helping on the farm? 

I spent a lot of my time on my parents arable farm near Cambridge watching them farm and build our homes from scratch and very much remember my mum creating the gardens, as well as helping with the farm and dad farming -  my brothers and I were included in all aspects of this as well as working on the farm as teenagers carting corn , harvesting etc.  

How did you move from textile design to garden design? I feel you use your knowledge of textiles within the garden design, would you agree? 

Really good question it was such a natural thing to do after having my second baby Skye (not quite sure how I did it looking back now : )) - I instinctively knew I had to change and do something else especially in nature that I knew I could do well and make a living - at that precise time and had always wanted to do gardening but had been drawn to textiles and fashion beforehand.  Absolutely the textiles has definitely influenced all things garden design they go hand in hand , layering, textures, colours, layout etc.   

Do you have a unique philosophy when you’re creating these natural spaces for people? 

Yes it is very much a feeling thing for me of the space the house and the client,  almost always the garden needs to be a place for the client to get away and relax,  a sanctuary,  feel like they are being transported into somewhere magical as well as them being practical,  and meeting theirs and their family needs, not date and be within a budget.

What was your first paid commission & whats been your most challenging one? 

Oh wow yes amazing memory my first commission was about 12 years ago whilst I was studying on the garden course with a small baby and toddler it was so exciting, and scary tbh but myself and brilliant landscapers Ryan and Rui cracked on with it, it was a success thankfully and there was no going back.

Your choice of planting is beautiful & free and not at all nature perfected,  does anything or anyone inspire you?

I am a massive fan of Penelope Hobhouse, Mary Keen, Piet Oudolf, Dan Pearson and Fergus Garett.  The English countryside is a big inspiration.

Do you have a favourite plant? If so please share a little about your relationship to it? 

No to many to choose from and my I chop and change with likings as I get older.   

What one book has become your go to for inspiration - life or work? 

Roy Strong garden books and Penelope Hobhouse you can buy them second hand for not much, treasure.

What does your night time routine look like? 

Its very simple dinner,  potter about get girls to bed then sleep.  I wash my face with water, sometimes a cleanser if there is one about then lots  of  rose  oil, or something similar.  I think I should be doing a bit more now I am older but it seems to work for me! Oh and love a bath with magnesium salts and essential oils which my daughter loves to.  We have started using a magnesium cream to rub on our feet to, to help with sleep its brilliant.

What does wellbeing mean to you & how do you implement your own personal journey with this?

Wellbeing for me is when I  feel in a moment energised,  calm,  at peace  mentally and physically but also realise it is ok to not always feel like that all the time to its changeable depending on what life is throwing at you   -  Going in the garden and gardening changes everything and brings you back if your a bit off truly,  What else helps me is no alcohol anymore makes me feel dreadful, healthy diet, exercise definitely daily, cold water swimming, yoga, chatting to friends and family,  working to.  A yoga retreat would be nice thats on my list to do this year : ))

Please let me know your best contact details?

calirand@icloud.com /  @calirand


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