Immune Health ..Not just for winter

Immune Health ..Not just for winter

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Supporting Immune health shouldn't be sporadic when feeling the onset of a cold or under the whether, but rather a daily activity that can have a positive effect on the whole body. 

Here’s just a few ways to help our immune systems function at optimum:

  • A balanced diet with a generous supply of seasonal prebiotic foods found in fibrous fruits, veg and whole grains, such as garlic, asparagus, brown rice.
  • Probiotic foods or fermented / live foods such as yoghurt, kefir, miso.
  • Upping your daily intake of Vitamins C & D and minerals Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc.
  • Regular exercise that you enjoy has been proven to lower inflammation and contractions of the skeletal muscle produces a protein called myokines which help fight infection.
  • Positively managing stress levels. Chronic stress plays havoc with our immune system causing inflammation and disruption of our microbiome. Connect more to nature.
  • Getting enough good quality sleep is central to immune health..listening to your biorhythm is super important.
  • Taking organic herbs that work to promote immune activation.. keeping the immune system nourished.

One of these herbs is well known Echinacea, traditionally used for its purifying properties and very healing nature. Preventative and curative, it's effective against both bacterial and viral infection. We've blended organic Echinacea with Calendula and Astragalus creating our organic formula Botanical Saviour Drops. Herbs working in synergy, cleansing, protecting and fortifying to both the lymphatic and immune systems.

Good immune health means a supported well balanced body.

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