Wilder Tea Infusions

Our Wilder infusions have been blended by our herbalist and naturopath Rachel Landon for the everyday support of the whole body system using only whole organic, wild crafted and vital botanicals. 

We use the whole herb not just the husks found in most tea bags giving you all the organic natural nourishment and the beautiful daily ritual or ceremony of making a cup or pot of infused herbal goodness.

Each formula contains a blend of herbs that work their effectual botanical constituents to best support each part of our modern day lives , helping to rebalance, cleanse , refresh , nourish and enrich our whole body system. Each is carefully considered and hand blended with care and devotion in small batches , using only the finest energetic herbs for you in your daily lives.


“Your teas are the best ever. They’re so supporting - I’ve never ever had better herbal teas like yours- they’ve helped ( and are still helping ) my family and m in daily life in the ups and downs .

I’m so grateful for your knowledge . Thank you ever so much!” ST