"Wellness is when mind body and spirit are functioning harmoniously"

Rachel Landon - Founder


Amazing. So pleased I have found this product really nourishing & smells wonderful. I love my night time ritual now.
— Jan Chantrill
Luxurious Oil. Wonderful. One of my favourite products from Wilder. It's part of my bedtime routine. Leaves the skin feeling hydrated, soft and nourished.
— Juliet maingay cooper
Gorgeous. This is a beautiful face oil just packed with delicious smelling essential oils. It’s a lovely part of a bedtime ritual and leaves skin feeling soft, youthful and nurtured.
— Louise
Great present. I bought this for my mother. She swears by it now.
— Lukas
Pure Joy .The bath soak was given to me by my lovely daughter as a Christmas gift. I have psoriasis and dry skin so am extremely careful about what I use; this product is absolutely wonderful and moisturises my skin without feeling too heavy. The massive bonus is that it smells gorgeous and is fabulous to relax in.
— June
Best bath soak ever. I'm addicted to this bath soak. I've tried many salt based bath products and this is by far my favourite. The smell is hypnotically calming and it leaves your skin silky smooth. A little goes a long way. Truly lovely product.
— Jemma
Bio Organic, 100% Natural

Wilder Healing Heart Essence

Wilder’s flower essences of Agrimony, Gentian, Red Chestnut, White chestnut blended for worriers, carers and empaths who are often carrying a lot for a long period of time . This formula supports both the physical and emotional when feeling: over burdened, exhausted, overwhelmed, guilty and worried.

Healing Heart essence will help you feel - refreshed, supported, relieved, quietening of mental chatter and helping you let go.

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