Herb Of The Moon Goddess

Herb Of The Moon Goddess

Posted by rachel landon on

A herb of healing and magic. A protector of women and of travellers, loved by the moon goddess Artemis the patron of women in all phases of her life from the onset of womanhood, in childbirth and menopause. 

Mugworts warming , aromatic and bitter qualities also benefit a sluggish digestive system encouraging the production of digestive enzymes, calming the nervous system, uplifting the mood and helping to ease mild depression especially when related to digestive issues.

Its Mugwort's capacity to influence dreams that we find magical..a  bundle of leaves and flower heads tied and placed under the pillow produces lucid dreams and protects from anxiety and nightmares. Alternatively, pick the flowers just before they bud, leave to dry but just before they dry completely tie them into a smudge stick using its smoke to clear away negative energy .


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