Wilder Friends - Lilli Stewart

Wilder Friends - Lilli Stewart

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Introducing Lilli ...Lilli has just started her practice as an acupuncturist after studying for many years, we're excited to share her journey with you here.

Please share with us a little about yourself. What does your life look like at the moment?

Hi, I’m Lilli. I’ve been part of the Wilder team for the past two years and work part-time across the shop and studio. I completed a three year acupuncture course in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the beginning of the year, graduating with a Lic.Ac certificate. Over the past few months I have also been starting up my own Acupuncture practice! I’m really happy to be practising in two clinics – you can find me at Yoga on The Lane in Dalston (East London) and Hamblys Herbal dispensary in Wadhurst (East Sussex).

Since graduating I have taken cpd courses in Yin Yoga & the Meridians with Norman Blair and Kate Henley, which was hugely enriching, exploring and embodying the five elements at a deeper level. And also a facial revitalisation acupuncture workshop with Kirsten Germann and Galit Hughes, offering a beautiful and gentle approach to treatment to re-awaken the face, enhancing natural beauty, which aligns with Wilders ethos too.

There’s lots going on and everything compliments each other well – it’s a nice balance.

When did you decide to study acupuncture and why ?

I discovered Acupuncture through personal experience, originally for help with psoriasis that developed as a teenager, which internalised and progressed into a diagnosis of ‘rheumatoid arthritis.’ I was put on a hefty dose of steroids to flood my system in the acute stages. Very fortunately for me (and my main inspiration to practise in holistic health) my Mum is a medical herbalist and was keen to get me off medication asap and supported me wholeheartedly in finding the right help in complementary fields. I was also lucky enough to be treated by an incredible homoeopathic physician via the NHS at the Royal London Hospital of Integrated Medicine.

Acupuncture was one of the treatments that supported me in rebuilding my health, and it’s something I have always come back to. I am inspired by the practice as I have found so much healing through it — a complete trust that we can come back to health with the right help. One of the things I love about Chinese Medicine is that you are not boxed in by a diagnosis, it’s more about balancing the imbalances for subtle healing to take place in the body, emotions and spirit.

Do you have a life philosophy that you’d like to share with us?

I love this from one of my first Yoga teachers, Conrad Duckworth, who was a super inspiring being with a wicked sense of humour:

“The three A’s in life - Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate.”

Practical words that can be applied to each day!

Do you have any favourite herbs ? How do you use them in your daily life and do you take anything extra to supplement your diet?

Yes, many! A favourite of mine is calendula as it’s so healing inside and out. Calendula oil is amazing for the skin, especially during a psoriasis flare up as its warmth and richness nourishes and calms

inflammation. The flowers bring in so much joy with their golden velvet petals! I also love the scents and properties of lavender and rose. I’m not religious about taking supplements but when I do, it will often be vitamin D and chaga mushroom to support skin and immunity and siberian ginseng as I find it really helps with energy levels.

What can you not live without for your general wellbeing?

Getting outdoors in lots of space and fresh air! Being at the coast is my favourite place, but finding space in nature is definitely still possible in London, especially at Hampstead Heath which feels spacious, even in summer when the crowds increase. During the yin and five elements course we were reminded of the importance of ‘unstructured time’ and can we make space for this in day-to-day life?

Can you share one book that's been an inspiration to you?

Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake. A truly fascinating exploration of the wonderful world of fungi and the ‘wood wide web’ that vividly explores fungi and their importance to our environments and lives. A new illustrated edition has just come out too with some really beautiful images – I’d definitely like to get this.

How do you manage stress ? What useful tips are you able to share with us?

The best for me is getting out in nature – the sea is my favourite place, a place of calm and expansiveness. Acupuncture is amazing at regulating stress levels, and herbs - Wilder’s inner peace drops are really supportive with Siberian ginseng and holy basil. Deep breaths and breathing practices such as Nadi Shodhana / alternate nostril breathing, Yoga. Connecting with friends, family, a candle lit bath, journalling, gentle movement, hugs - for the connection and touch that we all need, with people and my dog!

Do you have a bedtime routine ?

A soothing bedtime routine for me would start with a candle lit bath in Wilder’s Herbal Tranquillity Soak. It’s the best for absolute relaxation with double infused lavender and chamomile - a real treat! A cup of herbal tea, my favourite is Wilder Serenity tea, or anything with chamomile. Sometimes I’ll journal or listen to Yoga Nidra, often the same one by Tammys Yoga which you can find on her podcast. I love the Fern podcast, As the season turns, as it gets you into a nice calm space before sleep.

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