Wilder Friends - Tabitha Robertson

Wilder Friends - Tabitha Robertson

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Introducing Tabitha, a masseuse and aromatherapist, Tabitha supports and holds many within the community with her magical hands. 

  • Please tell us a little about yourself, where you grew up, what you studied & where you’re living now 

I was bought up in the country and loved my garden and going for big country walks as a child. I always picked herbs and flowers and made potions for my family to enjoy. I studied holistic massage and aromatherapy in London in my 20’s and settled in Kensal Rise over 30 yrs ago.

  • Please tell us about your practice and how its evolved - how you studied?

I originally studied massage with a brilliant woman who was also a mime artist and she opened my eyes to somatic healing and as I have always loved essential oils I went on to study clinical aromatherapy at the Tisserand Institute for a year full time. 

  • Do you have a philosophy that runs through / alongside your treatments?

I believe passionately in working along side clients, encouraging them to nurture themselves and be the healthiest they can be. I think support is essential and encouragement.

  • I love how you start your treatment with a salt foot massage please tell us more about your treatment process?

I always start my treatments with a detoxifying foot scrub and have started using the Wilder herbal tranquility salts to help ground and relax my clients at the beginning of their treatment. I hear what type of treatment they need and then help them on to the massage table. I use the Wilder Body oils to really nourish my clients skin and work with my hands and hot stones to encourage deep relaxation. I use the Wilder face oils if my clients want a mini facial.

  • I know myself as a practitioner its a fine balance keeping ones own well-being strong and balanced how do you manage this?

I do a mix of yoga and walking as much as possible and have regular acupuncture and aromatherapy massage and reiki healing. 

  • Do you have a morning or night time routine? If so can you you share with us? 

I have candle lit baths using the Wilder salts and then sit on my bed and massage the Wilder body oils carefully into my skin and take my yu yu hot water bottle to bed with me and lastly massage my face with the divine Wilder rose night oil. My favourite ever tea is the Heartfelt Wilder tea - I am mad about Rose and Cardamon.

  • What book has been an incredible influence on your work ? 

My favourite Aromatherapy books are written by Valerie Anne Worwood and my copies are now ragged from so much thumbing through!!

  • Do have any favourite herbs and please share why? 

Chamomile and Vetiver are my two favourite herbs. Chamomile because it is so gentle and Vetiver because it knocks me out and I sleep so well having bathed in it.

Contact Tabitha Robertson via @tabsrobertson  / tabitharobertson@me.com 

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