About Tinctures

Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of herbs.

Our Wilder tinctures are prepared by taking a single herb, only using organic biodynamic and then mixing this with alcohol which acts as a superb solvent to extract all of the important healing constituents.
After  a few weeks of infusing we then strain and use each of our single herb tinctures to make up our Wilder tincture formulations.
A pipette full can be used daily in a glass or flask full of water or a fresh juice or smoothie.
Although the amount of alcohol in each daily dose is minuscule they can be added to a hot infusion or turmeric latte which adds extra potency and nutrients to your drink but also burns off 50% of this small amount of alcohol.
As a practitioner I’ve found tinctures are the easiest way for my clients to take herbs daily as they’re so easy to use, travel with and take on the go.