My story

Wilder was inspired by 20 years of clinical practice as a naturopath and herbalist.
I’d had a previous career as a fashion model, which may appear rather apposite to the holistic world, but the truth is, my experience in that world played a part towards seeking the healing benefits of herbs from the need to strengthen myself preventatively.
I worked and travelled long hours and the pressure to always look my best and keep a pleasant attitude within this meant that maintaining a healthy alignment with my inner and outer self was often challenging.
I needed to ground myself, and found myself drawn to the holistic, which meant in the true sense of the word- as a whole. Here, the ‘labour of love’ chapter towards Wilder was born.

I decided to embark on fully learning about natural medicine, eventually becoming a qualified Naturopath Iridologist and Master Herbalist with honours-while raising my family.

My experience as a model meant that I also experienced pretty much every skincare product available, on each job I had a different person’s products used on my face. The heavy use of make-up encouraged me to understand the benefits of cleansing without harsh ingredients in order to keep my skin looking as healthy as possible and avoid irritation.

This is why Wilder is unique in intention. Careful, wild-crafted, 100% natural, organic formulas, the fragrances in our face/body oils from high quality, essential oils.
This holistic approach to luxury is, we believe a pleasurable balance for women, while our tinctures and teas have benefited me, my family and client’s wellbeing over many years.

We use centuries-old naturopathic techniques of infusing, macerating, drying and tincturing, keeping these methods and stories alive for the generations that follow.
These processes extract, harness and preserve vital, healing energetic constituents to create therapeutic formulas that nourish the soul and invites it back to wholeness with the healing power of beauty.

Nature has her wisdom.