Rachel, co founder started her herbal journey from her early years collecting leaves and flowers with her mum making magic potions for insect bites and bruises, and foraging for seasonal fruits and berries.

Her mum Agnes Beryl was a single working mum of four who also managed to grow all the families seasonal fruit and veg, and these interconnected moments outside picking raspberries and harvesting gooseberries was the start of a life long love of being with plants and nature.

There was a detour after Rachel’s schooling, an unexpected opportunity to travel the world as a
fashion model, living in London, Paris and New York and although incredible.. modelling and constant travel also brought its challenges with stress, anxiety, and hormonal, adrenal imbalance.
So she started to look at ways to better support herself, and was drawn to nutritional herbs such
as adaptogens, which she later went on to write about in her book Super Herbs.

She moved from New York back to London studying and qualifying in herbalism and naturopathy,
and from her private practice over the many years the seeds of Wilder were planted.

Wilder’s a family business with Rachel’s spouse and partner Charlie leaving his job in stills
production to make and create in their studio.


We believe in a (w)holistic philosophy .. the mind, body and spirit and interwoven throughout this is the ritual of beauty. We believe that looking and feeling our best
often means we’re in harmony with life.

We use only organic, 100% natural ingredients from organic soils and careful wild crafting,
containing all the nutrients, and phytonutrients needed to keep the whole-self vital and
supported ..’prevention is better than cure’

Wilder only uses sustainable recyclable packaging, with a committed journey of continued

We are UK based, family owned business committed to wellbeing, and sharing herbal knowledge
with our Wilder community.

Working as a naturopath, the whole person is considered, always looking to prevention rather than cure, helping to nurture the body through all stages of life.

Our bodies are designed to run at optimal levels and given the opportunity they will flourish. Our goal is to connect people to the nutritive benefits of herbs, inspiring their everyday use within our creations, all are meticulously hand blended for their synergistic potency using only nutrient rich herbs, grown from organic soils and careful wildcrafting.

We take these energetic herbs and using centuries old naturopathic methods of infusing, macerating, and drying create our pure therapeutic active formulas. To preserve the optimum vitality of all our natural ingredients we only produce in small batches on demand. There are no synthetics, fillers, chemical additives or preservatives just pure natural active therapeutic ingredients.

Nature has her wisdom.