Heartfelt Tea Refill

Cruelty Free
Whole Herb
100% Natural
Handmade in the UK

A fragrant infusion to support the heart emotionally and physically, helping to bring harmony and balance during difficult times. These restorative herbs ease disharmony, and feelings of being overwhelmed or fearful, a nurturing tea to elevate the spirit and a restorer of the heart.



All organic Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi), Crataegus (Hawthorn blossom and young spring leaf), Rosa damascena (Rose), Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom)

How to use

Add 1 teaspoon to a cup of hot water. Infuse for 10 minutes strain and enjoy.


* Please note. If taking heart and or blood pressure medication please seek the advice of a herbalist or GP before use.

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