Wilder Botanics was created from a heartfelt love of herbs by Master Herbalist and Naturopath Rachel Landon M.R.N.I (Hons) and her husband Charlie.

Rachel’s journey with Wilder evolved over 20 years of private practice as a certified naturopath and herbalist, specially blending and preparing therapeutic herbs for her clients. Always with body, mind and spirit at the core of each formula.

Working as a naturopath, the whole person is considered, always looking to prevention rather than cure, helping to nurture the body through all stages of life.

Our bodies are designed to run at optimal levels and given the opportunity they will flourish. Our goal is to connect people to the nutritive benefits of herbs, inspiring their everyday use within our creations, all are meticulously hand blended for their synergistic potency using only nutrient rich herbs, grown from organic soils and careful wildcrafting.

We take these energetic herbs and using centuries old naturopathic methods of infusing, macerating, and drying create our pure therapeutic active formulas. To preserve the optimum vitality of all our natural ingredients we only produce in small batches on demand. There are no synthetics, fillers, chemical additives or preservatives just pure natural active therapeutic ingredients.

Nature has her wisdom.