Immortelle..Helichrysum The Everlasting Flower

Immortelle..Helichrysum The Everlasting Flower

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Immortelle is member of the Daisy family and personification of its Latin name Helichrysum meaning golden sun. 

This potent healing plant is native to the Mediterranean, our distillery is from the magical sun drenched hills of Corsica where it’s been used for its medicinal healing properties for thousands of years, and unrivalled in its ability to heal, repair and rejuvenate the skin. It's herbaceous honey like scent imbues joy, supporting the solar plexus with its golden goodness.

​Wilder's fortifying blend of Amla, Rose, and Arnica infused oils work in perfect synergy with Immortelle, Manuka and Green Mandarin extracts to cleanse the skin, whilst stimulating collagen production, bringing vitality and radiance into your complexion 

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