Wilder Botanics is inspired by co - founder Rachel Landon’s 20 years of clinical practice as a naturopath and herbalist and her husband Charlie’s deep-rooted curiosity and love of naturally derived formulations.

Rachel’s previous career as a fashion model first played a part towards seeking herbs to rebalance and strengthen preventively. Drawn to the holistic which meant in the truest sense of the word - as a whole.

Here the beginning chapters towards Wilder were born

Our Approach

Wilder is unique in intention.

Sustainability starts with our ingredients inside the bottle. Created from 100% natural, organic and careful wild crafted herbal ingredients.. Fragrances for face and body only from high quality essential oils.

We believe this holistic approach is a pleasurable balance for everyone using centuries old naturopathic techniques of infusing, macerating, drying, and tincturing, keeping the methods and stories alive for generations

to follow.

These processes extract, harness and preserve the healing energetic constituents of nature to create therapeutic formulas that nourish the body and soul and invite it back to wholeness with the healing power of the earth.


A luxurious line of professional holistic, therapeutic high performance whole body care

Wilder uses traditional naturopathic methods of extraction, requiring time and patience.

A slowing down. Preserving the vital properties of Wilder’s ingredients within each formulation.

Providing the best possible results for your skin, body and overall wellbeing.

Sustainability starts from our ingredients inside each bottle.

100% natural, organic and careful wild crafted herbal ingredients

Eco Friendly recycled boxes. All primary packaging in glass.

A refill system for teas with fully compostable pouches and glass jar container.

Minimum use of plastic closures and pumps with a reuse system providing fully recyclable aluminium closures.