Potentised ...Wilder 42 day herb infused oils

Potentised ...Wilder 42 day herb infused oils

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OIL INFUSIONS: Potentised herbs in all of our beauty formulations 

​The skin needs a good supply of nutrients to preserve tissue elasticity and to help protect it from premature ageing.

Organic herbal ingredients in all our formulations help to redress the balance for well nourished exceptional skin.

Wilder's process is unique and slow. We start by adding our herbs to specially selected oils, straining after 21 days then adding fresh batches of the herb back into the oils for another 21 days, turning the herbs daily, allowing a slow macerating process that’s needed to create potent healing oils that are rich in complexity, protecting the collagen fibres, elastin and Hyaluronic acid of your skin...Naturally 

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